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Andrea Hirata tries presents something new in “Laskar Pelangi” in the form of solidarity of element harmonic metamormosis words, rationality, and light comedy and imagination mildness. However there is a still thing that is not released which is distinguishing and typical an Andrea Hirata in the masterpieces.

The dreamer flows lightly initially, be stupidity and mischief of adolescent as of age “Arai” in general, would we would be invited wanders in the past we or like we see our self portrait. The thing just then without we realize we will be dragged in idea labyrinth of Andrea Hirata in every romantic elegy sketch of tender age. Nicely Andrea Hirata heaps slow of farm through? Via materialization some characters which felt reach repeatedly in idea of the reader so that inchoate we read to the last “The Dreamer “we have been claimed to wag tongue marvelling to bouncing movement of fascinating life story. We also impel to drape our imagines at love strength, dream, and expectation.

One positives from “The Dreamer” be likely story flowing lightly but intoxicate this simply pushes the reader to refuse thing negativity like surrendering, in uncovered and of course indolence. Although that way captivates story “The Dreamer” this, however there are still some insuffiencies especially ” SOUL” yes…! ” SOUL” likely Andrea Hirata so nice arranges character every its(the figure, but in the eyes of me exactly happened demarcation ” Soul” causing haves the character of contradictory to firmness carried by this story. nonetheless this thing is ordinary thing at novel with multi sketch and path. Finally proper we raise hand someone thumbs who has glorious of art podium Indonesia through? Via always the masterpieces egg.

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